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Our beautiful lake and the surrounding property were constructed by

Little Raccoon Conservancy District with collaboration from the

Indiana Department of Natural Resources and U.S.D.A Soil

Conservation Service in 1970.

Lake Waveland offers over 600 acres of land and water for your enjoyment.

Visitors to Lake Waveland Park will enjoy leisurely

boating, swimming, fishing, camping, and more. 

Daily Entry Fee:

Daily In-State Fee-           

Daily Out-Of-State Fee-  

Daily Boat Launch Fee-


Annual Passes:

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**There is a $5.00 reservation fee to hold your spot in modern and in our cabins.  When you call to make your reservations, you will pay one night of camping plus the $5.00 fee.  The balance is due when you arrive. This fee is transferable, but not refundable.

Call us for more details.

Camping Fees:

Primitive Camping-

Modern Camping-