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1.  Each primitive campsite is permitted to have up to six (6) people and up to two (2) tents.  Only one vehicle per campsite is permitted.

2.  Each modern campsite is permitted to have one (1) primary vehicle and one (1) camper/trailer per site.  A secondary tent is permitted.

3.  Each cabin is permitted to have up to six (6) people and one (1) vehicle.  Additional vehicles may use the parking lot near the camp store.  A secondary tent is permitted.

4.  Camping is permitted in designated areas only.  No camping directly on the beach at any time.

5.  A responsible individual must register when checking in at our gate.  The camping permit given to you at the time of check in must be posted at your site.  

Please keep your receipt!

6.  Campers under 18 must see the superintendent before registering.

7.  Camping fees must be paid in advance.  No personal checks are accepted.  Cash and credit are welcomed at our front gate.  An ATM is located in our bait shop for your convenience.

8.  Campground occupancy is limited to two (2) consecutive weeks.

9.  Check out time is at 2:00pm.

10. Leasing or sub-leasing campsites is not permitted at any time.

11. Do not leave any campsite unoccupied for 48 hours.  Be sure to secure your belongings when you leave your site.

12. Pets must be leashed and attended at all times. Pets are not permitted on the sand or in the water at the swimming beach.  Do not tie pets to the water spickets.

13. Fires are permitted in stoves, grills, and fire rings only. Fires must be extinguished before leaving your campsite. You may bring your own firewood but only if you have removed all of the bark.

14. Washing of dishes or pets is not permitted in our lavatories or drinking fountains.  No vehicles may be washed on our campsites.

15. Quiet hours are from 11:00pm- 7:00am.

16. No cans, bottles, garbage, or sewage shall be thrown, dumped, or left in the campsites or lake.  All trash must be placed in the provided containers or removed from the park.  No glass bottles, please.

17.  Trees, shrubs, and all natural habitats ARE PROTECTED.  The destruction, defacement, or removal of any animal, vegetation, or mineral is strictly prohibited.

18.  No firearms, bows, or fireworks are permitted on our property.

19.  Horses must be kept more than 300 feet from any campsite and the swimming beach.

20.  Abandoned property will be held for three (3) days at the park office.  We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

21.  ATVs and dirt bikes are not permitted anywhere on our property.  Golf carts are permitted ($10 per golf cart/per stay fee applies).

22. You must obey all Rules of the Road when driving through our park whether you are in a vehicle or a golf cart.

23.  Our swimming beach does not have a lifeguard on duty.  You are swimming at your own risk.

24.  There are NO REFUNDS.  If you encounter a problem while staying with us, please go to the front gate or contact our superintendent.   If it is an emergency, dial 911.

25.  Failure to follow these rules may result in you being asked to leave our property.

At Lake Waveland Park, we strive to provide a healthy and safe environment for all of those who come to enjoy our many attractions.

To do so, we ask that all follow the rules and regulations stated below.